Optical Lens Lingo

Optical Lens Lingo lingo.jpg
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The gradual decrease in ability of the eye to focus is a natural part of the aging process. Bifocals contain two prescriptions for correcting vision at different distances. Bifocals aid both near and far vision, with a visible line dividing the two areas of power prescription.


Trifocals are prescribed to aid near, far and middle distance seeing. The trifocal lens design has three distinct areas of power to be used, with visible lines dividing the three distinct areas of power prescription.

Blended multi-focals

These lenses have two focal corrections without the noticeable lines. The area that fuses the two powers together is unusable area

Progressive flat-tops

These lenses change power gradually as the eye moves down through the near segment allowing a range of ten inches to ten feet. One visible line divides the distant power prescription to the intermediate and near prescription.

Progressive no lines

Advanced technology allows these lenses to gradually change in power from the distance segment to the near vision segment Your specific prescription is ground from a series of custom lens designs and powers.

Single vision

One focal distance is required for your eyes to make adjustments at differing focal distances.